On 12 May 2021, more than 600 young people from schools in Alentejo, Central Portugal and Extremadura participated in a virtual meeting in which two designers, Carlos Matos and Fran Mendez, explained to the students the concept of the New European Bauhaus (NBE), recently promoted by the European Commission.

The NBE aims to build a creative and interdisciplinary initiative, opening a meeting space to design future ways of living, and having as fundamental pillars the confluence between art, culture, social inclusion, science, technology and sustainability.

After the lectures, students were invited to put forward their own proposals aimed at improving their environment, inspired by the philosophy of the New European Bauhaus.

The attached publication contains all the work presented by the young people of EUROACE.

Since the Euroregion was created in 2009, we have wanted to highlight our membership of EUROACE on Europe Day by celebrating this date jointly among the three regions that make it up. For this reason, every year during the week of 9 May, educational and recreational activities are organised with young people from the three regions.

In the following LINK you can see a video of the day.


Dia de Europa 2021