Economy and employment

Economy and employment

The rational use of natural resources is the choice of the Euroregion’s new economy.
The most important strategic sectors are renewable energy, transport, water resources, ornamental rocks and cork, biotech industry, forest, agroindustry . . .

Hence the importance of guaranteeing the sustainability of economic activity in order to promote the quality of life, not only of those born in the Euroregion, but also of those who have decided to relocate from areas of urban and industrial degradation to pollution-free environments.

The energy sector offers a great potential for EUROACE because of the high concentration of natural resources like sunlight, water or forest residues as well as the existence of extensive unpopulated land areas for the creation of energy production infrastructure. This is why the future launching of CIER, ( International Centre of Renewable Energy) in the city of Badajoz, will reinforce this sector.

On the other hand, its strategic location in relation to the main markets on the Iberian peninsula, the Atlantic coastline and continental Europe, transforms the Euroregion into a key territory linking different internal regions in the peninsula and boosting its appeal as an investment destination and converting EUROACE into a very favourable scenario for exports.

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