Society, culture and tourism

Society, culture and tourism

The rich cultural heritage of the EUROACE territory and its exceptional environmental conditions provide extensive wide-ranging opportunities for travel. The fact that the three regions are complementary only boosts their appeal.

The beautiful beaches on the Atlantic coastline are in stark contrast to the serenity of the landscapes found in the interior regions. These evoke the past as seen through the rich historic, artistic and cultural heritage that is preserved in both urban and rural areas.

There is also a variety of complementary activities accompanying the wide range of tourist options: nature tourism, cultural and artistic tourism, hunting, agrotourism, etc.

Nine enclaves have been named World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO. There is also an attractive gastronomic offer, guaranteed by the presence of high quality products. These are the symbols of the territory, which has a growing and modern network of both conventional and rural tourist accommodations.

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