Structure and organisation

EUROACE is not legally constituted and is governed by the regulations of a Work Community, constituted under the protection of the Treaty of Valencia.

Its governing bodies are the following: President, Vice-presidents, Plenary Council, Executive Council, Secretariat and the Sectorial Commissions.

The President of the EUROACE is elected for a two-year term. The President of the Extremaduran regional government (Junta de Extremadura) is the first to act as President, a post that will alternate every two years with each of the Presidents of the Coordination and Regional Development of Alentejo and Centre (Portugal). The President’s main duties are to represent the Euroregion and supervise its activities.

The Plenary Council is the governing body in which all of the Spanish and Portuguese entities that form part of the EUROACE are represented. It meets once a year in order to approve the program of activities.

The Executive Councilis formed by the President, EUROACE’s Vice-presidents and the General Coordinators. Its purpose is to coordinate EUROACE’S activities on a general and permanent basis, in order to assure their continuity.

The Secretariat is the administrative body of EUROACE and is run by the General Coordinator of the region acting as President. It is constituted by the Office of Cross Border Initiatives of that same region.

The Sectorial Commissions’ function is to analyze and discuss the affairs concerning each one of the different areas of cross border cooperation. They also formulate proposals and ensure their subsequent execution.

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